GEA Projects in the News: 827 Broadway Gets Landmarks Approval!

May 18, 2018
For the third time, DXA Studio approached the LPC with a proposed design for 827 Broadway and it got approved last week! Their first two designs weren’t “appropriate on the grounds of not having a strong enough relationship to the [landmarked] building below.” It was the idea of strengthening that relationship that sparked DXA Studio to revisit an older design that they had previously considered. YIMBY had the chance to speak with Architect and Founding Partner of DXA Studio, Jordan Rogove, about the recent redesign which is characterized by ingenious, never-before-seen, slumped glass! Gain insight into what Jordan had to say about DXA’s inspiration for the structure by going to NY Yimby! *GEA is providing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services to this structure.*