LeadersSteven M. Winter

Director of Business Development

As a former principal of one of the NYC’s foremost MEP engineering firms, Mr. Winter serves as GEA’s Director of Business Development with the day-to-day responsibility for the procurement of new business and opportunities for growth in the industry. Mr. Winter brings decades of experience over the changing landscape of MEP engineering and he uses this exclusive knowledge to bring forth the most optimal collaboration between our engineers and the industry partners we serve. He has been the senior project engineer involved in rehabilitation and retrofit of electro-mechanical systems for various projects, including over 200 hotels around the world, like the Hilton and Marriott portfolio. His body of work also includes some of the world’s largest hospitals, office buildings, residential buildings, schools, universities, large mixed-use projects, dormitories and laboratories. Among some of Mr. Winter’s most notable attributes include membership and past President in American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) in NYC and its Professional Plumbing Practices Advisory Committee to update NYC plumbing codes, and American Society for Sanitary Engineers. He has also authored numerous articles on various MEP subjects, including “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)”, Plumbing Standards (1994) and “Low Flow Fixtures – New York City – Local Law 29/89″, Plumbing Standards (1994). Mr. Winter also has a teaching career at NYU that spans over 30 years.